Hey guys

2014-01-27 15:05:24 by Cahzmana

Just so you'd know, im not dead. better yet, im still alive and pretty much active on my old NG page. why? thats a very proper question at this point.. i'd like to explain the whole story but that would take me the whole night, so in short; i needed a change, the change was the account, i wasn't satisfied in the end so i moved back. if you are still interested in my music, just go to d-chain.newgrounds.com didnt go too well.. darn what how? Mojniw how the fuck am i supposed to make a link with this improved system >_> still lookinnnnnnnnnnnn found it!CLICK THIS! (it's for lazy people who hate to copy and paste)

Seventy Nine!

2013-07-06 19:10:23 by Cahzmana

alrighty.. by the looks of the Post MOOD, you probably assumed i am tired.. WELL I AM!
im just soo so tired, it feels like im about to pass out!

but anyways enough of the weird stuff,

Seventy Nine (WiP)

i know you want to click it, you just cant ressist it!
ok.. just click the darn link alright!?

its FAR from finnished.. but it will give anyone clicking the link, the idea of me making a new song JYPPEEE

Concerning mosquitoes.. i FCKING HATE IT when they SUCK! srsly..

The Mosquitoe Biography thing or something (PSST: it's rather small, stop wasting your time..):
~Favorite Food: Blood (yea i know)
~Trait(s): Sucker! (HAH! you bastard!)
~Hovering (because it has WINGS!)
~Buzzer (while it seems like you would never hear one coming, you can clearly hear them hunt at night while you are
trying to sleep!)

and some small words:
While the mosquitoe might seem small and its attempt to attack multiple times IN A ROW
they are barely notable on the skin, however..
when it really comes to MULTIPLE ATTACKS....... it will and SHALL come back for even MORE blood!

never use a small radio-guide to hit them.. you will miss a hundred times while the mosquitoe has been sucking you even more..
if you want to hit it however,
take a shoe, wait for the right moment =WALL MOMENT= (this is when they go on land.. including walls.. GRAVITY FAIL)
and smash it hard!

Sunshine remix !

2013-06-23 05:14:48 by Cahzmana

Dance Nation - Sunshine (Tim Endew's Bigroom Smasher!) ~Vocal mix~

the remix is done as far as i can tell.
ive fixed the vocals now,
they're finally on beat thanks to my mate who mentioned getting Ableton to fix it! since FL somehow fucked the beatmatch thing up while it was stretching. but yea thank god Ableton does a fine job!
i had heard of Ableton before but.. never actually took me time to look into it.
and really, by the looks it seems a fine program to use!
however i can't tell if i will either switch from Fruity Loops to Ableton...
i pushed over 6 years into Fruity Loops and thats way to much time to throw away and start using another DAW...
PLUS FL Studio is still a f*ckin epic and easy-to-use program.
maybe i will keep Ableton aside FL.... and see how it goes from there lol.
the future might bring me some answers, in the mean time ill do sum more tracks and remixes.

PS: Above link has been updated lolol


2013-06-21 15:09:51 by Cahzmana

im sick of getting lots of muzak blocks lately.. it feels like its haunting me everytime i start a new work in progress piece.
so no more...
ill finish each and every WiP from now on or delete them in an instant.
also im working on a new collab.. started this week and its making excellent progress!

the song will be called " Screw U! " its.. nothing personal... really.
the song took shape AFTER we had found a suitable name for it.. how strange lol
and my partner came up with the idea to use some sorta vocal chop or something similar..
well.. its in there already and ready to Screw U!

also i will be doing a massive Bigroom overhaul of this thing(i uploaded it on soundcloud bc i dont want any ass to download it lol):
do YOU remember this? i do.. childhoodepicnessftw!


2013-05-31 05:26:15 by Cahzmana

ye ye yeaa... you get urself a new headphone for better sound, dynamic and mastering control yet you cant come up with any fucking idea to test it -__-
thats my fuckin story.....
i HATE this block thing.


2013-04-28 05:55:09 by Cahzmana

Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro (250 Ohm)
i ordered here: BAX-SHOP

only thing is.. i need to wait a fucking +/- 5 weeks since it was out of stock AAAAAH!

i could have also gone for the DT 990 Pro (250 Ohm) but i dont like "open" headphones..
i like a headphone that fits my head AND kinda shut my ears of from any noise or sounds around me!

also ive never ever heard of beyerdynamic before.. so this is my first time actually lol.
but no worries tho, ive SEEN and READ lots and lots of positive reviews. cant go wrong on this one :D


Andain - Beatiful Things (Tim Endew & RicoB Radio Edit)


You dare check me!?

2013-04-05 09:15:45 by Cahzmana

if you did than congratzso to you buddy or dibby,
coz now ur in mah little news post.. thing.. YEAH!

here's what went wrong;
you never should have clicked :D

and here is what's been going on lately(in short):

EXCLUSIVE collaboration with mr rico:

triple collaboration with Mr Rico
we have finished 2 of 'm already.
1. WON'T BE NAMED (still a secret ID) take a listen!
3. Jamaica Dawn (unfinished) take a listen!

in the mean time i also did some remastered version of previous songs/remixes
namely; Massive, Clueless, Another Day and 1 "ID"
also started a new song called; Game Over! (not sure when its going to be done)
aaaaandd a brand NEW! and FRESH! BANGER! called We Are! is on its way to a massive succesfull tune!
stuff is on it's way alright!

aaaaand here's my new weird.. but honest slogan:

don't just work fast, do it with precision!
give attraction to your work and im sure you won't regret it.
Quality over quantity!