2013-05-31 05:26:15 by Cahzmana

ye ye yeaa... you get urself a new headphone for better sound, dynamic and mastering control yet you cant come up with any fucking idea to test it -__-
thats my fuckin story.....
i HATE this block thing.


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2013-05-31 05:36:05

try remixing? i'm out of suggestions.

Cahzmana responds:

i did and succeeded..?
this is where you are supposed to tell me; congrats!
or something similar and come up with something else for me to do :)


2013-05-31 08:48:36

Thats what she said.

Cahzmana responds:

i know right.. i think we have something in common


2013-06-20 21:51:48

ain't nuthin but a peanut! just gotta screw around and get a melody i suppose, also how's that collab with tysson that you were gonna get coldharbour to sign off on? you ever get a name for it?

Cahzmana responds:

collab with tysson?????
my side alias is tysson.. so im not really sure what you meant by that lol..
maybe some confusing went on ? i have/had many side aliasses and im not going to name them here since i consider those names as if they are 'dead'