2013-06-21 15:09:51 by Cahzmana

im sick of getting lots of muzak blocks lately.. it feels like its haunting me everytime i start a new work in progress piece.
so no more...
ill finish each and every WiP from now on or delete them in an instant.
also im working on a new collab.. started this week and its making excellent progress!

the song will be called " Screw U! " its.. nothing personal... really.
the song took shape AFTER we had found a suitable name for it.. how strange lol
and my partner came up with the idea to use some sorta vocal chop or something similar..
well.. its in there already and ready to Screw U!

also i will be doing a massive Bigroom overhaul of this thing(i uploaded it on soundcloud bc i dont want any ass to download it lol):
do YOU remember this? i do.. childhoodepicnessftw!


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2013-06-21 15:45:30

lol. what do u mean with: "finally SOMEone recognize's it!" Did no one else except you notice it?

Cahzmana responds:

hahaha nou eigenlijk ben jij de 2e persoon die het herkende volgens mij lol
maar ja de eerste persoon geld niet vindt ik zelf omdat hij het al van te voren wist via mijn partner die het hem vertelde -____- lolol