Sunshine remix !

2013-06-23 05:14:48 by Cahzmana

Dance Nation - Sunshine (Tim Endew's Bigroom Smasher!) ~Vocal mix~

the remix is done as far as i can tell.
ive fixed the vocals now,
they're finally on beat thanks to my mate who mentioned getting Ableton to fix it! since FL somehow fucked the beatmatch thing up while it was stretching. but yea thank god Ableton does a fine job!
i had heard of Ableton before but.. never actually took me time to look into it.
and really, by the looks it seems a fine program to use!
however i can't tell if i will either switch from Fruity Loops to Ableton...
i pushed over 6 years into Fruity Loops and thats way to much time to throw away and start using another DAW...
PLUS FL Studio is still a f*ckin epic and easy-to-use program.
maybe i will keep Ableton aside FL.... and see how it goes from there lol.
the future might bring me some answers, in the mean time ill do sum more tracks and remixes.

PS: Above link has been updated lolol


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