Seventy Nine!

2013-07-06 19:10:23 by Cahzmana

alrighty.. by the looks of the Post MOOD, you probably assumed i am tired.. WELL I AM!
im just soo so tired, it feels like im about to pass out!

but anyways enough of the weird stuff,

Seventy Nine (WiP)

i know you want to click it, you just cant ressist it!
ok.. just click the darn link alright!?

its FAR from finnished.. but it will give anyone clicking the link, the idea of me making a new song JYPPEEE

Concerning mosquitoes.. i FCKING HATE IT when they SUCK! srsly..

The Mosquitoe Biography thing or something (PSST: it's rather small, stop wasting your time..):
~Favorite Food: Blood (yea i know)
~Trait(s): Sucker! (HAH! you bastard!)
~Hovering (because it has WINGS!)
~Buzzer (while it seems like you would never hear one coming, you can clearly hear them hunt at night while you are
trying to sleep!)

and some small words:
While the mosquitoe might seem small and its attempt to attack multiple times IN A ROW
they are barely notable on the skin, however..
when it really comes to MULTIPLE ATTACKS....... it will and SHALL come back for even MORE blood!

never use a small radio-guide to hit them.. you will miss a hundred times while the mosquitoe has been sucking you even more..
if you want to hit it however,
take a shoe, wait for the right moment =WALL MOMENT= (this is when they go on land.. including walls.. GRAVITY FAIL)
and smash it hard!


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2013-07-06 20:45:45

"Concerning mosquitoes.. i FCKING HATE IT when they SUCK! srsly.."
When they suck... yup they do. You are clever haha ^__^

Cahzmana responds:

Wise words i know lololol