Entry #7

Hey guys

2014-01-27 15:05:24 by Cahzmana

Just so you'd know, im not dead. better yet, im still alive and pretty much active on my old NG page. why? thats a very proper question at this point.. i'd like to explain the whole story but that would take me the whole night, so in short; i needed a change, the change was the account, i wasn't satisfied in the end so i moved back. if you are still interested in my music, just go to d-chain.newgrounds.com didnt go too well.. darn what how? Mojniw how the fuck am i supposed to make a link with this improved system >_> still lookinnnnnnnnnnnn found it!CLICK THIS! (it's for lazy people who hate to copy and paste)


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2014-08-03 02:29:26

Wait... Are you saying you're D-Chain???

Cahzmana responds:

yes i am.
are you shocked? or stoked?


2015-04-24 14:33:47


Cahzmana responds:

the same to you sir JJ